Welcome to the Decision Lens Community!

Who should contribute to our community?

Customers like you. Contribute ideas, questions, and answers with like-minded, portfolio-focused individuals in an open forum and become a trusted resource for your peers.


Who can access the community?

In order to post to the community, a Decision Lens login is required. However, all are welcome to view community posts so do share with your colleagues.


What can I do in the community?

  • Find a solution to your issue.
  • Comment on a post or start your own discussion.
  • Follow new posts in a topic area or follow a specific post.
  • Vote a post to promote it in the community.

Where should I start looking for content?

The Decision Lens Community is a simple to use environment with three areas to help you find the exact information you are looking for:

  1. User Forum – Find everything from industry best practices to general “how-to” answers.
  2. Feedback & Enhancements Forum – Your voice matters! Our Product Team monitors and engages with customer suggestions on how to improve our solutions. You can track your suggestions and vote for others that you think would help you get the most from Decision Lens.
  3. Industry-Specific Discussions – Talk to peers and experts about specific portfolio topics in your industry. Share your own best practices and learn how others are accomplishing their goals through better use of analytics and prioritization.

Where can I find product documentation?

Search articles, release notes, and best practices in the Knowledge Base to help you find the information you need.

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