1.18 SR3 Patch Release (June 22, 2018)

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Bugs to be Fixed

  •     DL4-279:  Some Leading Characters "Cut Off" In Custom Names Fields In Voter Ratings Interface
  •     DL4-3238:  Drop-down instances menu not appearing when in multiple instances
  •     DL4-3248:  Users are timing out without knowing it
  •     DL4-3350:  The link in Support > About Decision Lens goes to the wrong page
  •     DL4-3395:  dl3-api-client should react to HTTP status codes
  •     DL4-3482:  Commas in Metrics don't display in voter rating view
  •     DL4-3504:  "Contact Portfolio Owners" modal in Admin Dashboard is spinning

Features to be Added

  •     DL4-3143:  DL3 Flex UI clean up and performance improvements
  •     DL4-3438:  Hide Unfunded Alts in Allocate Input View
  •     DL4-3451:  Add Funded and Locked info to Scenario Overview Export

Vulnerabilities to be addressed

  •       DL4-3580:  Vulnerable 3rd party libraries June 2018 (angular, bootstrap, jquery)


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