​1.17 Dependencies Release (March 7, 2018)

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This release adds a new and improved user interface for dependencies, making them quicker and easier to create, edit and manage. It also brings two new dependency types, enabling users to specify if projects need to start after or end before a specific time frame or in relation to another project. 

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Feature Highlights:

Create an And/ Or / Reqires Dependency
A dependency between two Alternatives. Exampes: 
  • Alternative A And Alternative B must be funded
  • Alternative A or Alternative B must be funded
  • Alternative A requires Alternative B in order to be funded

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Create a Time Period Dependency (New)

Time Period dependencies require an Alternative to start after or end before a certain time period. ​​Examples: 

  • ​Alternative A must start after November 2019
  • Alternative B must end before March 2020

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 2.29.02 PM.png

Create a Sequence Dependency (New)
​Sequence dependencies speciiy if a project must start or end at a certain time relative to another project. Examples:

  • ​If funded, Alternative A starts before Alternative B starts
  • If funded, Alternative A starts at the same time as Alternative B ends
  • If funded, Alternative A ends after Alternative B starts

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Search for Alternatives as your dependencies are constructed
​Use the search field to quickly find Alternatives as you form your dependencies. ​
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Enable or disable dependencies by scenario
When first saved, dependencies can be saved to all scenarios or only the scenario in view. Dependencies can then be enabled or disabled by scenario after creation. 










































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