1.4 - Summer 2014 Release (June 25, 2014)

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The Best Solution for Strategic Prioritization and Resource Optimization

The Summer 2014 Release contains a host of brand new robust analytics and visualizations for strategic prioritization and resource optimization. Amplify your prioritization efforts with:

  • Advanced analytical outputs for resource prioritization
  • Side-by-side comparison of resource scenarios to make the right investment decisions
  • Powerful what-if analyses for resource optimization
  • Usability improvements and enhancements for improved user experience

Features & Enhancements in Decision Lens Summer 2014 Release

See Options Clearer with Resource Scenario Comparison

  • Flexible, side-by-side resource scenario analysis
  • Quickly compare overall value realized of each portfolio option
  • Easily visualize the strengths and weaknesses of each scenario

Watch Resource Scenario Comparison in Action

Streamline Your Resource Planning with More Analytical Allocation and Balancing

  • Plan for program execution over multiple years
  • Zero-in on bottlenecks in budget, assets, people, or capabilities
  • Perform what-if analysis and scenario planning

Watch Resource Allocation and Balancing in Action

Immediate Insights with Priority Rank Comparison

  • Watch investments rise and fall, and by how much, as priorities shift
  • Perform what-if analysis on your weighted set of investments, filtered by any category or participant group
  • Track a specific investment's reaction to any shift in priority

Watch Priority Rank Comparison in Action

Model Locking Ensures Data Consistency

  • Lock a model in its exact current state to preserve all data, judgements, and ranking
  • Remove the potential for conflicts by locking portfolio input
  • Create a snapshot in time and preserve an archive of data

Watch Model Locking in Action

Fine Tune Allocation Scenarios with Customized Pareto Analysis

  • Even more visibility over potential budget scenarios
  • See the effects of budget changes of any increment or decrement
  • Decide how to allocate budget either optimally across a portfolio or equally across all pools

Watch Pareto Analysis in Action

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