1.5 - Fall 2014 Release (October 16, 2014)

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Enhanced Solution Functionality and More Robust Sharing Capabilities

The Fall 2014 Release presents stakeholders with more powerful insights and opportunity for analysis. Amplify your prioritization efforts with:

  • Additional insight, visibility, and analytics for everyone from executives to analysts.
  • Streamlined information sharing that empowers stakeholders.
  • Enhanced user experience that make the prioritization process faster and easier.

Features & Enhancements in Decision Lens Fall 2014 Release

Greater Access to Insights and Analytics

  • Brand-new Reviewer Role grants access to critical data through tailored controls and interfaces.
  • Voting Reviewer Role has selective permissions and users can contribute judgments in specific areas.

See Reviewer Role in Action

Dive Further into Data

  • Display specific bubble data labels to focus the attention of stakeholders.
  • Use the Marquee Selection feature to highlight a dense or interesting group of alternatives for a more granular view.

See the Visualization Enhancements in Action

Ensure Data Consistency

  • Ensure consistency across data sources with improved import functionality.
  • Import Alternative Categories directly into Decision Lens to save time.
  • Select all or specific rows and columns of data in one easy step.

See Data Import and Search in Action

Quickly Find the Data You Need

  • Search Alternatives and Participants to easily find data.
  • Save time and locate Allocation Scenarios faster than before.

See Data Import and Search in Action

Improved Information Sharing

  • Screens update to share real-time collaboration with broadcast participants.
  • Facilitators can broadcast to a single user or a group of broadcast participants.
  • Multiple facilitators can broadcast concurrently in the same prioritization model.

See Real-time Broadcasting in Action

Understand Your Workload

  • Export Participant Dashboard data for offline analysis.
  • Data includes Role, Collection Assignments, Group membership, and Ratings Progress details.

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