1.9.1 - Patch Release (February 17, 2016)

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Bugs Fixed

  • AYC - comment's labels not updated when editing the comment only after refreshing the page
  • Problem with deleting last custom priority set for some models
  • bad alignment of text in Ratings, Results Graph
  • Incorrect GA Tag for AYC Abstention
  • App error in compare scenarios dialog
  • Gap appears under collapsed Filter Panel sections
  • "Create Portfolio" split button on homepage corner issue
  • (1) appended to numeric scaled criteria when description is added
  • Can not update submission without checking email checkbox
  • WIWO page not loading for certain model
  • If grouped by category and collapsed then switching back to all doesn't show alts
  • Chart should have a max axis Value of 1
  • Participants With Voting Owner Role Cannot Add Users as Participants
  • WiWo Porfolio Value Overflow
  • Trade Off Analysis Extra Dimension
  • While in model views, getModel called unnecessarily in response to other participants' AYC ratings votes
  • Failed to export Individual user ratings excel report
  • "Funded" Column in Not Funded table in WIWO should read "Requested"
  • Metrics Time Period Issue (Possible Recurrence of DL-7817)
  • TOA usability improvements
  • Ratings - Comment icon glyph not appearing on Alpha
  • TEST SHIB: no template for report of type: PARETO
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