1.11.1 - Patch Release (June 8, 2016)

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Bugs Fixed

  • RCR on SA results in BCOD
  • Accessing a task user is not assigned to should not be possible
  • Calls Fire in Sensitivity Analysis Post Refresh Toast
  • Server Exception in Mobile Ratings
  • VROI and Bubble Chart Showing Costs with Three Decimal Places instead of Two
  • View Criterion details button not closing sidecar in AYC ratings
  • Export: long text/ description does not preserve text formatting
  • Tooltips not displayed properly in AYC Priorities and Owner Priorities when criteria name has a long description
  • Sensitivity Analysis Screen Shows Inconsistent Change and Ranking When Using Criteria Weight Sliders
  • "Abstain" setting change messes up the progress calculations in AYC
  • On certain comparison, no user can add comments at any time.
  • Replies from Owners are visible in Voter's AYC although "View other's comments and replies" option is not checked.
  • priorities_wizard_instructions_default displayed in Ratings
  • No GA fired in AYC priorities search
  • No realtime updates or Toast in Owner priorities results page
  • UI refreshing models, tasks and submissions uncessarily
  • Desktop Priorities Overview invoking getPairwiseComparisons API twice
  • High Server Load Impacts Placing Judgments
  • Quickly navigating next and previous in mobile ratings causes incorrect transition
  • Check getPairwiseCriteriaVotes caching on Priorities OV
  • Cmd/ctr click to open link in new tab
  • AYC Priorites & Ratings > Portfolio name is no longer visible in the hat
  • Homepage: Hat: "Decision Lens is changed int portfolio name when pressing the settings icon
  • Submission remaining characters field is wrapped
  • When user navigates to portfolio ratings/priorities through jump to menu, the portfolio name does not appear in the hat
  • In Mobile AYC Ratings when user completes rating and navigates to Ratings Overview, progress bar is not loaded
  • Voter's progress is no longer updated on CRUD in Ratings Overview, Owner's view.
  • Cannot create Submission Request
  • View Highlights/Comments icons in Priorities Results redirects to self
  • Auto-Advance broken on Desktop Priorities
  • 502 Proxy Time Out on Pareto Export
  • dl-dl3, post FedRAMP migration: Logging out from DLI screen shows "invalid link" page
  • dlu, post FedRAMP migration: avatar links do not work

New Features

  • Set as equal tooltip (AYC)
  • Zendesk SSO - Accessing Zendesk
  • Trigger Wizard when toggling Collections on
  • Ratings Results Overview&Summary Toast Message
  • Zendesk SSO - Zendesk Sign-out
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