Pareto Simulation - Chart View

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The Pareto Chart shows the various budgets and the highest possible portfolio scores at each budget.   The chart identifies the increasing & decreasing marginal splits at incremental budget levels. This provides insights into whether more money will provide a substantially higher return in the Portfolio. 

  • The Total Budget Amount is displayed along the X axis.

  • The Portfolio Value for each increment level is displayed along the Y axis.

  • Hover over the plotted budget increment to see the detailed Portfolio Value

  • Adjust the budget increment using the drop down, default setting is +/- 10%.

  • Adjust the criteria bars in the lower pane and run the simulation for changing criteria weights.

NOTE: If you are working in a model that has a large data set, please give the Optimizer time to draw the Allocation Results screen. For this screen to be accurate the optimizer has to calculate 10 unique budget available totals in order to display.

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