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Participant Groups can be used to be able to organize the individuals that are contributing in the decision process for a given model. Participant Groups can be created like “tags” to be able assign an attribute for given model participants. These groups are flexible and open ended so can represent anything that the decision facilitator desires whether it be Organizational group (Finance, R&D, Operations, etc), Representative Region (North, South, East, West), or any other type of attribute that is meaningful for organizing decision participants.

The additional classification of Participants by Group enables more detailed insights into decision results to a lower level of granularity with the ability to analyze data filtering views based on individual Participant Group inputs.

Accessing Participant Dashboard

In order to create and manage Participant Groups, there are two ways to access the Manage Participants settings.

  1. Within an active decision: In the Define tab, click on the Participants sub-tab. Clicking the participants sub-tab will bring you to the Participants window.

Creating Participant Groups

In the Manage Participants Control Panel, in the Roles view, you will see the list of all the individuals that are included as part of the decision model. For each Participant, there will be list of Participant Groups that the specific user belongs to.

To create a new Participant Group:

  1. Click on the More drop down in the top right of the screen and select Manage Groups.

  2. The Manage Groups dialog will display all of the existing Participant Groups previously created. To assign the Participant to one or more of the existing Groups, check the checkbox next to each respective Group Name. The example below displays the view for adding participant 13 to the Engineering group but not the Marketing Group.

  3. You are also able to create new Groups when assigning an individual Participant by clicking the + Group button. 

  4. Click Save to complete the assignment

  5. Once assigned, Participant Group names will display next to each individual as appropriate. Individuals can be assigned to more than one Participant Group


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