Allocate - Portfolio Score

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The Portfolio Score is a summary indicator of the total portfolio priority represented in the combination of projects which were funded in the allocation scenario. Each of the projects has a specific priority value, the overall Portfolio Value is the percent of contribution of strategic objectives where 1.0 means 100% of portfolio value has been attained by funding all projects.

In viewing the results of the Optimized Allocation, Decision Makers want to maximize the total portfolio value while adhering to the project level constraints, resources available, and project dependencies detailed in the scenario.  Portfolio Value is a comparable across scenarios so that as changes occur in the Portfolio, we can measure and communicate the impacts both financially and by value. 

Portfolio Value updates in real time when alternatives are switched to funded or unfunded state

When an action changes the portfolio value, the value flashes a color before returning to black to denote the upward or downward movement

  • When the action decreases portfolio value, Portfolio Score flashes red

  • When the action increases portfolio value, Portfolio Score flashes green

Sub Portfolio Value  

When an alternative category filter is enacted selecting a subset of alternatives, Sub-portfolio value is also displayed for that filtered subset.  Hovering over the sub-portfolio score also provides the percentage that the filtered alternatives contributes to the overall portfolio value

Note: Sub-portfolio value can be higher than overall portfolio value depending on the requests and allocations for that given subset of data.


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