Scenario Comparisons of Resource Allocation

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Creating and Comparing Resource Scenarios gives executives the power they need to make informed and data-backed resource and investment plans.  Build any scenario you can conjure up and get the insights you need to decide if it’s the right one for your organization.

Key Benefits:

  • Quickly compare overall value realized of each portfolio option

  • See exactly what parts of your business strategy are being supported

  • Visually compare the strengths and weaknesses of each scenario

  • View by the categories of projects in each portfolio to see the underlying details of each scenario

  • Compare potential scenarios to a baseline model to see impacts in advance

Scenarios can be managed on the Allocate and Visualize views

Scenarios can be accessed and managed through the Sceanrio Manage dropdown in the main Navigation Bar.  The Scenario dropdown also provides the capability to select and compare multiple scenarios from the list.

The Scenario Manager allows you to:

  • Create a new scenario

  • Copy a scenario

  • Edit scenario information

  • Delete a scenario

  • Compare scenarios

To Compare Scenarios:

  • Select up to three scenarios from the scenario manager and then click the Compare button

  • The compare button shows how many scenarios have been selected to compare

The Sources of Value and Composition Charts

Sources of Value: Indicates the compsotion that criteria are providing, and which factors are the most value to each scenario.

  • The top column chart shows the breakdown of the overall sources of Portfolio Value score for the scenario by displaying the contribution of each underlying criteria

    • Primary Priority Sets and the Primary Ratings Set are considered

  • The bottom donut chart displays the portfolios composition and represents a view of the funded portfolio based on the raw criteria ratings of all participants

  • Does not consider Primary Priority Sets

    • Adjust the displayed sources of value in the column chart by selecting a parent criteria to examine the sources of value at a deeper level

Budget and Allocation Breakdown

High level budget data is displayed for selected scenarios:

  • Total budget – combined cost across all time periods and pools within the scenario

  • Amount Requested – Total alternative cost request across all time periods

  • Amount Allocated – Total cost allocated across all funded alternatives

  • Totals by Budget Pool – visualization showing the breakdown of the amount budgeted, requested, and allocated by pool

Totals by Category Group

  • Provides visibility into funding by alternative category groups to see all requests and allocations by category group across scenarios

  • Hovering over single category group brings group in other scenarios into focus. Tooltip will be displayed to show total request or allocated cost.

What's In / What's Out views within Scenario Comparison

Compare Scenarios WIWO analysis compares alternative level funding and allocation details

  • List view
  • Quartiles VIew
  • Quartiles List View

What's In / What's Out Controls

  • Use the smart filters in the WIWO Control Panel to focus on alternatives by alternative category or funding level

  • Apply a filter within alternative categories to view funding, cost details, and value within all, one, or a few alternative categories across varying scenarios

  • Filter projects by funding status for added visibility into projects that are always funded, sometimes funded, or never funded across all portfolio scenarios

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