Add Alternatives to a Portfolio

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The Define Alternatives screen is used to provide a place for listing and describing the alternatives for your decision. 

Add Alternatives to the List: 

  1. Click on the  button to open the Add Alternative form.  This form includes any of custom fields that have been added to the data structure.   By default the form includes:  Alternative Name & Description fields. 

  2. Type the Alternative Name in the box provided and click SAVE to close. 

Quick Add:

  1. Select the Quick Add option from the Add Alternative menu to add an alternative with name only.   The other fields can be filled in later.

  2. Press enter to save the Alternative Name to the list

  3. Quick add is usefule when the custom fields have not been entered or if you want to rapidly enter several altnernative names. 

Add/Edit the Alternative Description:

To add or edit the description for an existing Alternative:

  1. Hover over the Alternative Name and then click the Edit icon 

  2. This will open the side car panel where you can perform the edits or update any of the Alternative Fields. 

  3. Click SAVE to commit the changes.

Bulk Edit:

To edit multiple Alternatives at the same time.

  1. Use the SHIFT , CTRL or COMMAND keys and mouse click to select the Alternatives that you want to edit.  

  2. Upon multi select, the system will display the sidecar panel.  In the sidecar update the information on the screen. 

  3. Click SAVE button to commit the changes. 

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