Participant Assignments - Ratings & Priorities

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Decision Facilitators can assign Participants permissions to add inputs on Criteria Priorities or Ratings of Alternatives within the Decision.   By default when Participants are added to the decision and have the Voter Role, they are assigned to evaluate Priorities and Ratings for all alternatives & criteria.   In the Manage Participants screen, Facilitators can select any participant with a Voting Role and assign them specific alternatives & criteria combinations to rate with the decision.

Priorities Assignment

Clicking on the icon will toggle on/off whether that individual participant has permissions to complete Priorities within the Decision.   When highlighted the participant will see the Establish Priorities tasks in their Homepage and can access and input Criteria Comparisons.  The Priorities icon (on, off) also indicates that the participants inputs will be active in the Priorities calculation. 

Conversely, when a participant is unassigned either Priorities and/or Ratings, the Establish Priorities and Rate Alternatives tasks will not display in their Homepage and that user will not be able to place judgments/ratings during broadcasts.  If the participant has existing criteria comparisons, when toggled off the data will be retained but not included in the calculations.  To turn on/off collections for all participants use the top menu control.   This will close collection for all assigned participants by removing voting tasks from their Homepage.

Ratings Assignments 

Ratings assignments can be assigned for an individual for specific criteria and/or specific alternatives.  To edit a participants Ratings Assignments, click the Ratings Icon and select the method by which you want to modify the assignments.  There are two ways to assign a participant specific alternative ratings via Criteria or Alternative.  

  • Select Criteria if you want to specify that the participant only evaluate Alternatives on certain criteria within the decision.  

  • Select Alternatives if you want to specify that the participant only evaluate specific Alternatives in the decision. 

  • The combination of Criteria and Alternatives will sum to the total number of assignments within the decision.  

This will be displayed in the progress column as the total number of assignments.  To toggle off the Ratings Assignment, click on the Ratings Icon and confirm that you want to turn off the assignments.

Assign Ratings Alternatives   

  1. Deselect unwanted alternative ratings one by one

  2. Click "Select All" box from default state to deselect all alternative ratings. Select the desired alternatives to rate and and check them, one by one within each alternative category.   You can collapse the category by clicking on the down arrow icon or use the vertical scroll bar on the right.  

When you are completed selecting the alternatives for the participant to rate, click the orange "Assign" button in the bottom right hand corner, to save the new assignments. The total number of selected alternative ratings will be displayed in the orange Assign button.  After assigning alternative ratings to a participant, the Progress column will display the total number of assignments for each participant. 

Assign Ratings Criteria

  1. Click the criteria that you want to deselect one by one or uncheck the Select All to remove all selections.

  2. Use the vertical scroll bar to display all criteria in the decision.  

  3. When you are ready, click the assign button to save the assignments.

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