Brainstorm Criteria Pane

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The Brainstorm Criteria Pane is used to quickly enter ideas, concepts, and candidate criteria. The Brainstorm process is usually conducted in a facilitated small group session. The participants are asked to provide inputs in a rapid fire succession. The inputs are either captured by the facilitator by typing in the Brainstorm list or by individual participants entering via their laptops. Brainstorming allows participants to voice all of their ideas on a specific topic in an atmosphere of constructive suggestion. The group then explores and prioritizes the ideas that have been put forward, and usually creates new criteria and criteria categories using and combining elements from several suggestions.

Key Features: 

  • Quickly enter ideas in the Brainstorm list. Hit enter to add the idea and continue typing.
  • Automatic real time updates on for all participant screens.
  • Drag and drop to organize thoughts within the list. Structure criterion into clusters that span multiple levels.
  • Sort the list alphabetically (A - Z or Z - A).
  • Add Brainstorms to the decision canvas to structure the criteria into a framework using drag and drop behaviors.
  • Remove criteria from the framework and drop back into the Brainstorm list.

Brainstorm in a Live Decision Meeting

When in a Live Decision Meeting, participants can input directly into the Brainstorm list. As the list grows the meeting Presenter can begin to organize ideas by repositioning the ideas in the list. All changes to the list and position will be updated on the participants screen in real time. Once the group is satisfied with the list that they have constructed the meeting Presenter will begin the process of dragging and dropping ideas from the Brainstorm list onto the decision canvas. To position a criterion directly under the decision goal, drag from the list and drop on top of the Decision Goal node. When the dragged nodes are released, the system will position the criterion as a child to the Decision Goal.

Add Decision Criteria using the Brainstorm Criteria Pane: 

  1. Click in the Add New Idea text box at the top of the pane.
  2. Type in the criterion name or idea and press the enter key or click the + button.
  3. The criterion/idea will then be added to the Brainstorm List.
  4. Drag ideas from the Brainstorm List and drop them on the decision canvas.
  5. Organize the decision criteria framework using a parent/child relationship.
  6. Drop the criterion/idea on the Decision Goal or on another criterion in the structure.

Reorder Ideas in the Brainstorm List:

  1. Click the idea to be reordered.
  2. Drag the idea to the appropriate position in the list.
  3. Use the guideline to confirm proper positioning.
  4. Release the mouse button to drop the idea into position.

Remove Ideas from the Brainstorm List:

  1. Click the idea to be deleted in the Brainstorm Criteria window.
  2. Click the X button located on the right side of the brainstorm.
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