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The Decision Lens Idea Engine provides a new method that automates the process of collecting, revising and managing alternative (ideas / projects / products / business cases...) submitted by participants and stakeholders.  Idea Engine also provides a pallet of data fields that gives process experts a flexible way to customize the submission request form and organize the alternative data into structured information that accelerates the prioritization process.   

Submission Requests

Collect and add potential Alternatives for a Decision by enabling Facilitators to send a data call to subject matter experts to capture potential alternatives within the Portfolio.  

  • Submission Requests are the name of the individual data call(s) within the Portfolio.   Multiple submission requests can be active at the same time.   

  • SME’s will be notified of the data call and have the ability to send all project proposals back to Facilitators within Decision Lens for review and approval

  • Facilitators are able to review each new project and move them through a workflow process to either return them for revision, archive, or accept them as Alternatives within the Decision

Creating a Submission Request

There are four steps to create a Submission Request:

  1. Add Name & Details – Give the request a name and description and specify the workflow and date the request will be sent

Incoming submissions can go through two workflow options:

  • Auto-approve all submissions – All submissions sent in by participants will be automatically accepted as an Alternative in the Decision

  • Facilitator must approve all submissions – Submissions must be reviewed by Facilitators and during this process, can be marked as archived, returned for revision, or approved to become an Alternative.   Request workflow can be edited after a Request is sent to participants

If change to auto-approve while the Submission Request is open, all submissions will automatically become Alternatives no matter what workflow state is active.

  1. Choose Fields – Identify what information you want participants to include and if it is required 

  1. Select the Participants – Select the groups or participants you want to send the request by checking their name or group.  

  • By default, all Decision Participants will be selected to receive the Submission Request.   If Everyone is selected, when a new user is added to the decision after the request has been sent, they will also receive a task for the Request

  • If only a subset of users are selected, users added to the Decision, after it has already been sent will not receive a task to submit ideas

  1. Review and Send the Request – Review all request information and send it out to specified participants 


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