Managing Submissions in Idea Engine

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Submissions Requests are created from the Alternatives screen.  Once the first Submission Request is created, the Facilitator will see a Submission option will be added to the Homepage where they can review manage all Submission Requests and access all incoming submissions.

  • Submissions are only visible to users with the Facilitator role. 

  • Submission view displays how many submissions you have within the Inbox and how many are unread

View Submitted Ideas


To view Submissions, click the Submissions section on the left pane and then cllick on the Submission name to open.

Define Alternatives - Manage Submissions View

To view the Submissions click on the Inbox icon.   To edit or duplicate the Submission Request click on the drop down box to see more options. 

  • All Requests will display in the Submission view by their name

  • All incoming Submissions will be placed in the Inbox

  • Unread submissions will be identified with “New” label

  • Request tile will show overview of how many submissions are in each workflow state

  • Click the Request name or Manage Submissions button to view submissions within Request

Each Submission Request can be:

  • Opened or Closed

    • Opening or closing will either add or remove a task for Request Participants to submit their ideas

  • Edited

    • All information within a Request can be edited except for the Name. Only the name of Drafts can be edited.

    • Editing fields for a Request that already has accepted submissions, will update the Request for participants and future submissions, but not update submissions that have already been sent in for review

  • Duplicated

    • Creates a copy of the Request adding [Copy of] to the name

  • Deleted

    • Deleting a Request will delete all submissions within the request

    • If Alternatives had been accepted from the Request, the Alternatives will remain

Viewing a Submission

Viewing a submission displays all information submitted by the participant in read only mode

A submissions information is displayed above the history to show the Author and when it was last modified

Submission History Includes:

  • Date and time when idea was submitted and the Author

  • Date and time when submission was moved to a different workflow state and the Facilitator that moved it

  • Comments that were added when idea was submitted or moved to a new workflow state

  • Comments can be deleted by any Facilitator

Accepted Submissions

Once a Submission is Accepted as an Alternative, the Submission and Alternative will be linked so that Facilitators can view where the Alternative was originally derived. 

The first time a Submission is Accepted within a Request, a category will be automatically generated, called Originating Submission Request

  • Enables Facilitators to view the Alternatives that were derived from a Request, and the Request they came from

  • Category is added to Alternative Structure as a new field and will display within the Alternative Table

Submission Workflow States

Returned for Revision

  • Returned submissions require a comment from the Facilitator

  • Author will receive a task notifying them it has been returned and be able to submit the idea again


  • Use archive when thre are duplicates or if the ideas is not up for consideration.   Facilitator is not required to comment when archived.

Accepted as Alternative

  • Submissions that are accepted will become an Alternative within the Decision and can no longer be moved into a different workflow state

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