Bubble Chart

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The Bubble Chart is a multi-dimensional view of the allocation results that uses a two axis (X,Y) plot to depict a spatial relationship of the data and a third dimension (the bubble size) to indicate either the cost or return of the alternative.

Decision Metrics: 

Value = Summary performance score of the alternative against all relevant decision criteria.

Cost = Requested cost of alternative

VROI = Decision metric (value / cost) indicated strength of return or "bang for the buck"

Value by Criterion = weighted average of alternative performance against a single

Value by Metric = unweighted value of Portfolio Metric. (funded alternatives only)

Marker = uniform bubble size


Chart Settings: Select the Axis value from the drop down:  

X Axis options: Value, Cost, Value by Criterion, Value by Metric (funded alternatives only)

Y Axis options: Value, Cost, or Any Individual Criterion, Value by Metric (funded alternatives only)

Source = Size: vROI, Cost, Marker, Amount Funded, Value by Criteria

Bubbles Color = select to color by funded/unfunded or by Alternative Category

Note: When a criteria is selected, the data type can be viewed as weighted, unweighted, or raw data


Additional Bubble Indicators:

Once the allocation is run and funding levels are determined, the outer bubble radial ring will display the percent funded. Use the Show all Labels feature in the top right corner of the chart to view all bubble labels.

Chart Zoom:

When the situation occurs that several projects overlap in the chart, you can click and drag aroudn  a section to zoom into that part of the data set.   The software will automtically resize and show you the selected section.   The chart axis will change to match the zoom level.   To Reset the Zoom, click on the Reset button in the top right of the visualization. 

Labels Display Toggle

To show labels for all of the alternatives in the display, click on the Show all labels checkbox.   If you want to show labels for selected alternatives only, uncheck the Show all labels checkbox, and click directly on the bubble to toggle the label display on/off for each project.

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