Pareto Simulation - Table View

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The Pareto Table provides a summary chart of when funding for the alternatives comes on line, based on simulated allocation for both increasing & decreasing total budget available. The Pareto Table takes into account all related funding constraints and dependencies which were populated in the active allocation scenario. The table shows the funding level of each alternative for each simulated budget.

In the chart below, the y axis shows the total portfolio priority which is the percent of contribution of strategic objectives where 1.0 means 100% of portfolio value has been attained by funding all projects.

  • Column headers display increment value and will display actual budget amount on hover

  • The portfolio value for each increment level is displayed in the bottom row of the table within each column

  • Alternative Value is displayed in the far right column of the Pareto Table

The Pareto Table shows the allocation results for the active scenario for increasing and decreasing budgets.  Users can set  the % funding increment run scenarios between -100% to 100% of budget.  These amounts can be changed (see below).  The input for the increment will serve as the basis for the “+” and “–” from the center base budget.

  • Example: if an increment of 2% was selected, the columns would read.

Changing the increment value after running simulation will prompt user with messaging stating Pareto Simulation Changes have been made.


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