Cost Profiles for each Alternative

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When Alternative Costs are entered in the Allocate Inputs screen, a cost profile is created.   The cost profile is unique to each alternative and details the requested amount, funding source, funding mode and the timing of the request. 

Cost Profiles are managed thorugh the Alterantive drop down menu located in the Cost Table on the Allocate Input screen. 

Each Alternative must have at least one cost profile to be funded within an Allocation.  Alternatives can have multiple cost profiles which represent different funding paths.  If user requests algorithmic assistance to allocate or suggest schedule, the cost profiles of an alternative define what the rule set is that the optimizer can choose from.

A Cost Profile defines the resources required for an alternative.

  • Magnitude of Resources (How much?)

  • Funding Mode (Alternative or Pool level request?)

  • Timing (What time period(s) are resources requested)

  • Create a new Cost Profile by clicking “Add New” Button

  • Select a Cost Profile to view by clicking on the name in the left column

  • Use the panel on the right side of the window to edit and enter data for the selected Cost Profile

  • When hitting “Done” the currently selected/viewed Profile will populate all data in the Allocate tab for that alternative

  • Profiles cannot be reordered but can be renamed, edited, and deleted

The Cost Profile screen also serves to define which profile(s) are eligible to compete if/when using Optimization to suggest an optimal portfolio. By checking the box, this signifies that if the user decides to get a suggested portfolio through optimization, the selected profiles will compete. User can also deselect profiles to have the Optimizer ignore that profile.

When a Cost Profile is selected that has a lower overall cost than the default profile, the Value score is adjusted.  Higher Cost Profiles will not get increased value (will get same score as default).  When a score is adjusted, it is shown in italics with hover showering original.

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