Allocate Outputs & Bottleneck Analysis

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The Allocate Output screen provides a canvas to visualize funded portfolios based on resource, costs & pool data entered in input screen. 

Interactive Gantt Chart

Use the Alternative Timeline table to view and manage the schedule of funded alternatives within a scenario.   The View Options drop down, allows for hiding of unfunded alternatives to only view those that are funded, setting of decimal places, and sort order.  Control and edit funding by using the funding toggle and cost profiles to make edits directly from the Outputs screen. 

  • Gantt bars are displayed when an alternative is funded and spans according to the costs specified in the selected Cost Profile for each Alternative

  • Gantt bars will only present when there are multiple time periods for the scenario

  • Unfunded Alternatives will be in grey font and are displayed without a Gannt bar

  • Unfunded Alternatives can be hidden using the View Controls

  • Color of Gantt bars signifies the locking status

    • Blue = unlocked and open to the optimizer

    • Gray = locked and not open to optimization

Drag Gantt Bars for Auto-Creation of Cost Profiles

When a Gantt bar is manually edited, a new cost profile will be created to reflect the details of the new timing and distribution. New Profile suggested by user will display in a new “Suggested” section of the Cost Profile dialog.  The New Profile suggested by user will display in a new “Suggested” section and can be renamed by double click to edit the title.


  • Gantt Bar can be grabbed in the center to move the timing while maintaining the overall duration and cost

  • Locked alternatives must be unlocked before dragging

Stretching or Compressing the Timeline

  • Gantt bar ends can be grabbed to extend or compress the overall duration of an alternative but maintaining the total cost and cost distribution

User Created Cost Profiles

  • Cost Profiles will be temporary until saved and have a “!” next to them to signify they are unsaved

  • Subsequent changes to unsaved profiles will overwrite temporary profile

  • Suggested profiles are unchecked by default for inclusion as optimizer input

  • User can choose to check or uncheck cost profiles as desired for each alternative.

  • Optimizer may give a different answer if new profiles are checked

Resource Bottlenecks Table

The bottlenecks table displays the available and allocated resources as well as the difference between the two (representing potential bottleneck.  Bottlenecks are calculated for each pool and time period as applicable for the current scenario.

  • The table also displays bottlenecks totals by time period and pool

  • The bottlenecks table is color-coded

    • Green means there are enough resources in the given pool/time period for the funded alternatives (difference is >0)

    • Yellow means there are close to enough resources for the funded alternatives, but minor adjustments are needed (difference is >0 but <5% of available resources)

    • Red means that there are not enough resources for the funded alternatives, so major adjustments are needed (difference is >5%)

Bottlenecks Table - Non Designated Row

When multiple pools exist, funded alternatives that are funded at the alternative level without a designated pool appear in the Non-Designated Row.  Non-designated allocations are not an error, but simply account for Alternatives that have been deemed funded but without specifying which pool to draw resources.

  • The Non-Designated Row will display with diagonal stripes

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