Reporting Overview

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Reporting in Decision Lens is available at each point in the decision process. Located in each of the software screens is the reporting bar. The bar contains icons that detail the type of report that is available for the component.

Decision Lens has two primary methods for reports outputs:

  • Screen Capture - captures and downloads an image snapshot of the viewable component, just as it appears to the user.

  • Excel Export - outputs information for the viewable component in table format.

Excel Exports

Decision Lens has built in Excel reporting via the Excel Export icon located on individual screens.   Each Excel export is formatted and will include summary information regarding the participant name, decision name, iscenario name, and if any data filters are being applied.

Screen Capture

Decision Lens has a built in screen capture utility that will take an image snapshot of the screen component and download from the web application to your local machine. The screen capture is triggered by clicking on the camera icon located in the component bar. The screen capture will snapshot exactly what the user is viewing in the active component window.

NOTE: the screen capture will show exactly what the user sees on the screen. If the on screen view has a scroll bar the system will only capture the visible area. User's can sort, adjust the moveable panes, and adjust the Sensitivity Analysis bars.


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