Allocate Inputs (resources, costs & pools)

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The Allocate, Input screen serves to define scenario baselines for resource supply and demand as well as defining Optimization constraints.

Resource Pools are the supply of resources that can fund Alternatives

  • Can add multiple pools to a scenario

  • Can be utilized for many forms of resources, ie money, employees, etc

  • Enter resource information for a pool by clicking in the cell next to the pool name

  • Add multiple pools within a scenario representing unique funding sources

  • Edit a pool name - pool names must be unique within a scenario

  • Delete a pool (all scenarios must have one pool)

  • Enter resource data at each pool level for each time period (as applicable)

Resource Balancer Inputs - Time Periods

Time Periods allow users to analyze their portfolios supply and demand in a multi-period view at the Pool level and Alternative Cost level

  • Add Time Periods

  • Edit Time Period name

  • Delete Time Periods – must have at least one Time Period in each scenario

Resource Pools Summary Table

Table allows you to quickly view sum of:

  • All pools within table

  • All pools within a Time Period

  • All pools across all Time Periods

  • Scroll bars will display if more time periods are added than can be displayed

Alternative Costs - Single Pool & Multiple Pool requests

Alternative Costs are the demand of resources that are requested for each of the Alternatives by time period.  With only one pool, the Alternative Cost request represents the resource “cost” to be drawn against that single Resource supply.

With multiple pools defined, an Alternative Cost request can be entered requesting resource to be drawn against a specific Resource supply.  Pool level alternative cost data represents the actual request for each pool with total request automatically summed for the full Alternative cost.

Before moving to the Output screen, you must Save, Save As a new scenario, or Revert your changes.

Next (Outputs) button will be grayed out until saving is complete


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