Presentation Controls

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Presentation controls provide a mechanism for Decision Facilitators to increase or decrease text size for better viewing or to hide and reveal specific data elements on the screen. The presentation controls are located on Define Criteria, Define Alternatives, and on voting screens: Priorities and Ratings. Presentation controls are only available to participants that have the Facilitator or Voting Facilitator roles.

Text Zoom

In the Define Criteria and Alternatives screens, there is an option to increase the text size on the Facilitator's screen.

Full Screen Mode

Full Screen mode is a presentation control that is available in the Live Decision Meeting and is used to focus on the main component window. This is done by removing the navigation tabs and zooming in on the main component window. The control is located on the top corner of the Decision Window. Click on the control to activate Full Screen Mode or use the CTL + F key combination.

Entering Full Screen Mode Zooms in on the component window and removes the navigation tabs.  To exit full screen and to show the navigation tabs hit the Esc key.

Hide / Show Judgments

The Hide/Show votes button has separate controls for the Presenter and Participants. This provides more control for Facilitators who are running a session with both distributed voters and participants viewing the Facilitator's computer in a meeting room. When the judgments are hidden on the presenter screen all distributed participants will still see the comparisons.

Each of the presentation control buttons has 4 settings: 

  • Hide Votes (default option) - participant votes are hidden by default. Each of the voters will only see their own voting row when votes are hidden. (see image above)

  • Show Votes - participant votes are shown to either the presenter. This is important if the Presenter is projecting their screen to a group of participants.

  • Show Vote Direction – color codes to show directional group ratings but not individual votes

If Show votes to everyone is enabled, all decision participants will see all voting rows and the group average.


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