Create an Optimizer Scenario

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An optimizer scenario provides the ability to construct unique Budget Data, Alternative Costs and Constraint rules in order to simulate a range of business planning assumptions. Optimizer scenarios can be created to analyze the performance of a specific allocation strategy or budget planning profile.

Optimizer scenarios consist of three primary inputs: 

  • Resource Pools - Includes available resources to be allocated and funding pools.

  • Alternative Costs and Funding Minimums - funding requests for each alternative and minimum funding values and types.

  • Priority Set - Select the priority set for the scenario by using the Inputs sections in the control panel.  If a custom priority set has been created; these custom priority sets can also be selected and applied within the scenario.

Add Optimizer Scenario:

  1. Click on the scenario drop down and click the New Scenario button.

  2. Enter a new scenario name and description.

NOTE: IF you change the criteria or add or delete alternatives in the model after you have run optimizations and saved scenarios, all scenarios will be updated to the new structure of the model.

Delete Optimizer Scenario

  1. Click on the scenario drop down and locate the scenario that you want to delete.

  2. Click the drop down in the optimization screen and select the scenario to be deleted.

  3. Click the X next to the scenario name and you will be prompted to confirm the action.

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