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Each decision that is created will have a set of particpants who will be contributing to the inputs or outputs of the decision process.   The Decision Facilitator invites Partcipants and assigns them a role within the decision via the Participant Dashboard  

To access the Participants Dashboard

  1.  In the Define section of the left navigation pane, locate and click on the Participants link.

The main screen will display the Users that have been selected as Decision Participants..

Add Participant

To add a Participant to a Decision, click the Add Participant button

The resulting dialog window shows all of the Available Users within the system and available to be selected as Decision Participants. Click to choose the user you would like to add and click the Add button (adds and keeps window open to add more users) or the Add & Close button (adds and closes the dialog window).  Use the Shift, Ctrl / Command buttons to multi select users to add to the decision.  

Each of the Decision Participants requires a role within the decision. The roles that can be assigned are listed in the table below. From the dropdown in the right column of the Manage Participants screen, you are able to set each Participant Role in the decision.

Role Permissions
  • Add/removes decision participants.
  • Assigns model roles/permissions.
  • Edit rights for all decision data.
  • Enter and edit votes for other decision participants.
Voting Owner
  • Includes all permissions from Owner.
  • May also participate in voting.
  • Add/Remove votes.
  • Ability to view decision data at any time.
  • Ability to create reviewer optimization scenarios.
  • Manipulate data visualizations.
Voting Reviewer
  • Includes all permissions in Reviewer.
  • Ability to cast judgments or ratings on their own time.
  • Abilityto view decision data at any time.


Remove Participant

To remove a Participant from a model, click the x on the left side of the row of the user you would like to remove. Note that removing a user will also delete any ratings that user may have already completed and could impact Optimization results.

NOTE: If you do not see a name in the Available Users list they either do not have a Decision Lens account or they are already a Decision Participant.

Bulk Edit using the Edit Panel 

Using the Edit Panel you can change Participant options (roles, assignment toggle, groups...) by selecting the particpant name or clicking on the edit icon.   To perform a Bulk Edit, use SHIFT, CTRL or CMD keys to multi select and then edit via the panel.  

Ratings Assignments

Decision owners can control the scope of work the Participants interact iwth in the decision by using assignments for both major Subject Mater Expert (SME) Collection processes in Criteria Priorities and Alternative Ratings.

  • When a participant is unassigned either Priorities and/or Ratings, the respective AYC button will not display in the lobby and that user will not be able to place judgments/ratings during broadcasts

  • Clicking on the icon will toggle on/off whether that individual participant is expected to complete either Priorities and/or Ratings

  • Completed Judgments and Ratings will be maintained if unassigned, the data will return if re-assigned


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