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Facilitators can use the Contact column to notify participants they have ratings to complete. Contacting a participant requires the facilitator and participant to both have valid email addresses. Once the facilitator completes the contact form, an email will be sent directly to the participant to inform them of the rating assignments they have to complete in a particular model.

Using the Contact Feature

  • To contact a participant by email, click the contact icon in the participants row from the Participants window
  • The Contact form will be pre-populated with: 
    • Participants email address
    • Facilitators email address
    • CC field containing all facilitators email addresses in model
    • Subject line
    • Message to participant


  • Make any edits you would like to the subject line or body of the message
  • Add multiple participants to an email by entering in email addresses and separating them by commas
  • By default, all facilitators within a model are CC'ed on all contact emails. Edit which facilitators will receive an email in the CC field of the form.
  • Make sure all fields are filled in - all fields are required in order to send the email
  • When completed with the contact form, click the send button in the bottom right hand corner of the Contact form

Example of Sent Contact Email

Sent emails will come from the Facilitators email address and a link to the instance will be added into the body once the email is sent.

The Reply To email address is the facilitators email address.

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