Winter 2016 Release Notes

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Features Added

  • What's In / What's Out
    • Base Chart
    • Scenario Selector Menu
    • Alternative Force Funding Status
    • Criteria Weights Filter
    • Custom Priority Set Filter
    • Alternative Ratings and Alternative Category Filter
    • Snapshot
    • Group By Filter
    • Expand/Collapse Alternative Categories
    • Non-Default Cost Profile Icon
  • Trade Off Analysis
    • Alternative Chooser
    • Radar Chart
    • Criteria Choser
    • Criteria Choser
    • Autoscale toggle
    • Criteria Weights Control Panel
    • Alternative Rating Control Panel
    • Weighted/Unweighted option
    • Chart Color Selection
    • Export capability
    • Resize chart area

Bugs Fixed

  • No prompt for email is occurring when Broadcast is ended by leaving the portfolio.
  • Scaling a criterion is not being reflected.
  • New created custom priority sets do not have the user entered criteria priority values
  • CRUD event for adding /removing alternative categories is not working.
  • Sensitivity Analysis - Input Ratings Have Changed doesn't update sliders.
  • Navigating to a flex page resets the html Control Panel filter selection.
  • Label Position is wrong when selecting less than 5 criteria in TOA.
  • Selected scenario is not persisted correctly when reopening a portfolio.
  • Trade Off Analysis: Alternative Score s not displayed accurately for Criterion.
  • Full Criteria List Not Displayed in New Tradeoff Analysis.
  • Incorrect Value Displayed on What's In / What's Out.
  • Wrong alignment value (and no range) is displayed when user clicks to view results for rating within Alignment table.
  • 403 error occurring after "Login Now" clicked by user.
  • When other users change selected scenario, the control panel selection for the current user is removed.
  • Filter Panel Reseting when user performs certain create, read, update, or delete actions.
  • Filters sometimes unselected with no user interaction.
  • Excel Exports are producing inaccurate results when Rating Scales are all set to the same number.
  • Cannot de-select Custom Priority Set.
  • Control panel freezes in Trade Off Analysis, What's In / What's Out, and Ratings.
  • An unwanted white right-border is appearing on rating option.
  • In What's In / What's Out, Portfolio Value score is ignoring partial funding.
  • Trade Off Analysis Ratings ignore Rating Participants Filter when displaying Unweighted.
  • Old portfolios copied or imported may show participants "col_wizard_instructions_default" in AYC Ratings Overview
  • The chart area disappears when selecting an alternative from the bottom of the alternatives list.
  • New Submission email for owners contains a broken link.
  • Ratings Export Shows all user ratings.
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