Patch Notes for Fall Release Patch 1

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Bugs Fixed

  • Ratings: Auto-advance advances on deletion of rating
  • Collect Ratings toggle appears to be OFF for Reviewer even if toggle was set to ON by Owner
  • Alternative rating progress bar not updated when the voted criteria rating is deleted
  • Some values in Single Rating Results header don't take into account Filter selection
  • Ratings - Participant Ratings - Not Rated participants list and x% Completed percent removed from UI when refreshing the page
  • Deny user the ability to rate noting (AYC)
  • "Log into Decision Lens" after registration workflow not working
  • Virtualized Scrolling: Filter/Search/Hide Completed layout issues
  • Scoresheet / Alignment refreshed on Rating CRUD (bypasses toast)
  • Alternative Category filter persistence should be session based only
  • Cannot remove pairwise vote in AYC
  • Alternative Scores Performance issue
  • Single Ratings Databar Performance
  • Auto-Advance not working
  • Hide Completed not working
  • Ratings Alignment is slow
  • Blank data should show as "-" in scoresheet
  • Removing an user from a portfolio will double the instances of first portfolio in removed users list
  • Blank data should show as "-" in Unweighted Ratings Export
  • Hide completed does not work in multi-view when bulk ratings have been made
  • Alternatives list not present in Ratings Overview task
  • GA pageviews bypass analytics-enabled client specific configuration
  • Autoscroll not functioning in multiview
  • New Submission Request Results in All (Including Deselected) Participants Receiving Email Notification
  • Virtualized Scrolling: Sidecar layout incorrect
  • Alternatives Categories filter does not work anymore.

Features Added

  • Self-hosted install improvement: Get parent domain from current URL rather than DL_DOMAIN constant
  • Update Hat Search Syntax​ for DLU and Know​ledge Base
  • Data Import from XLSX spreadsheet only supports columns from A-Z and AA-AZ
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