What is the DOD Policy toward Links in Emails?

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If you receive an email from Decision Lens while using a Department of Defense e-mail account, you may see a warning message like the one below:

This email was sent from a non-Department of Defense email account, and contained active links. All links are disabled, and require you to copy and paste the address to a Web browser. Please verify the identity of the sender, and confirm authenticity of all links contained within the message.

If you see this message, you will not be able to click on the links in the e-mail. Instead, you will need to copy the appropriate link and paste it into your web browser's address bar.


  1. Open the Email you received from Decision Lens.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the e-mail. You should see some text which reads as follows: "If you are having trouble with the link above, please copy and paste this link into your browser:"
  3. Copy the URL that appears below this text.
  4. Paste the URL in your browser's address bar.
  5. Click Enter on your keyboard.

After following the steps above, you should be able to access the relevant part of Decision Lens.


E-mail Format when receiving as a DOD User

If you receive an e-mail from DL the formatting of the e-mail may be stripped to be only Plain Text. Some DOD organizations have security measures that input CAUTION before the URL or include .noclick within the URL. In order to reach the appropriate page please copy + paste from "https" to the end of the URL at "=" and remove the CAUTION and/or .noclick with the URL. If you still have trouble, please contact us at

From: Administrator (Decision Lens) []

Sent: __________________________

To: _________________________________

Subject: [Non-DoD Source] Password reset request

All active links contained in this email were disabled. Please verify the 

identity of the sender, and confirm the authenticity of all links contained 

within the message prior to copying and pasting the address to a Web browser.






<Caution->  < 

Caution- >



You recently asked to reset your Decision Lens password. Please click the 

button below to reset it.


Reset Password < 





Please do not forward this email. This link will expire in 7 days.

If you are having trouble with the link above, please copy and paste this link 

into your browser:


Decision Lens offers a complete process for strategic portfolio 

prioritization. Learn more. < Caution- >


<Caution->  < 

Caution- >

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