Why Can't I See a Broadcast Task?

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Clear Your Browser's Cache

In some cases, users who are viewing Decision Lens with a web browser in the Internet Explorer family may have difficulty seeing a broadcase on their home page. When this happens, the first step that the user should take is that of clearing their browser's cache. Click here to access instructions for clearing your browser's cache.

Deep Linking

If a user is still experiencing issues viewing a broadcast task, then a user who is already signed into the broadcast can assist the affected user by sending them a link to the broadcast task. The steps below should be followed by a user who can see the broadcast task.


  1. Log into Decision Lens.
  2. Click on the orange broadcast task to join the broadcast.
  3. Copy the URL in the browser's address bar.
  4. Paste the copied URL into an e-mail to the affected user.
  5. Send the URL the affected user and ask them to click the link.

If the user has followed all of these steps and is still experiencing issues seeing and accessing the broadcast, please instruct the user to submit a support ticket so that a support representative can assist them.

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