Import Cost & Resource Data

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How to Import Cost & Resource Data

Launch the Import Wizard from the Portfolio Overview screen by clicking the Import Data button on the top right.


Select the “Costs” Tile from the first tab of the Wizard and click on the NEXT button. 


Step 1: is to select your file you will be importing from. Drag your (xls or xlsx) file onto the dotted box and click the Next button.


Step 2: you will select the worksheet that you want to import from. 

Step 3: is to select the Header Row for the data you want to import

Step 4: is to select the Column that contains the Project Names.  


Then click the NEXT button to continue to the Map Fields screen.


Select the Scenario the costs should be imported into and the system will display the available Time Periods that exist within that scenario.

NOTE: You can only import cost data into one scenario at a time.  If additional scenarios have not yet been created, cost data will be added to the “Default” scenario in the portfolio.  

Use the drop downs to map your Cost columns by time period. You can choose to Add a Time Period Before or After existing periods. When Time Periods are mapped, click the NEXT button to continue.

The next step is for advanced setup where you can map your Resource Pools and setup Cost Profiles for your projects. 


If you select YES for Resource Pools you will be asked to select the column in your spreadsheet that contains the Pool requests or select "Create a new Resource Pool" options if Pools have not yet been created within the Scenario.

NOTE: If 2 or more pools exist within a scenario and the cost data should not map to a specific pool, you can map to the “Non-designated” option

Next question is if you are using Cost Profiles. If YES select the column that contains the Cost Profile information. And click the NEXT button to Preview your data set and check for Warnings.


Check Warnings to verify input parameters have been met for all mapped fields. Then click on the IMPORT NOW button to start the transfer. 


When finished the summary will detail the number of Costs, Profiles, and Alternatives that have been added to the scenario. Choose to perform another import or click the DONE button to return to the Portfolio View.








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