Dashboard Budget Info for Trade Off Analysis

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Dashboard Budget

Dashboard Budget overview represents the budget information across all portfolios selected during setup process.


  • Starting Budget = Total amount of money across all pools, across all portfolios in the Dashboard
  • Allocated Total = Total amount of funded Alternatives within each scenario selected during setup
  • Over By/Under By = The amount of money you are either over or under your total budget. This can be calculated by subtracting the Allocated Cost from the Total Starting Budget

Portfolio Summary Chart

  • Shows the breakdown of the “Allocated Total" amount from the budget section at the top of the Dashboard
  • The chart displays how much is being allocated to each of the Portfolios in the Dashboard
  • Hover over a Portfolio's section within the chart to see how much money was allocated to the Portfolio

Percent of Requests that are funded Chart

  • This chart shows the percentage of funded projects each Portfolio received based on the total amount that was requested from all projects in the scenario
  • Hover over each bar to see the exact percentage

Portfolio Budgets Graph

  • Once a Dashboard is created, each Portfolio's allocation slider is positioned to show how much has been allocated within the Scenario
  • The slider spans from 0 to 2X the Scenario's allocation amount
  • Moving a slider, will add a tick mark to the slider bar to indicate what the original allocation for the scenario was. Select this mark at anytime to set the portfolios allocation back to its initial value.


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