Portfolio Metrics, Combined Metrics & Tresholds

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Portfolio Metrics 

Metric tiles display the name of the metric and the portfolio the metric belongs to. Hover over the metric name to see how it was aggregated. 

  •  Metrics section displays each metric that was selected during setup
  • Metric values are calculated based on the aggregation function selected in setup
  • Metrics are color coded and automatically sorted by portfolio to easily see which metrics belong to which portfolios

Metrics Detailed View

Switch to the Detailed View to see a representation of the Budget Points for each Metric

  • Detailed View shows the Metric's value varies with different Allocation values
  • Detailed View can be accessed in both Basic and Advanced Modes
  • Showing the Detailed View will display a chart for every metric tile

Combined Metrics

Combine similar metrics across portfolios to quickly see one aggregate metric value. Select 2 or metrics in the Dashboard, give the combined metric a name, select how the metrics should be aggregated


The combined metric will then be displayed at the top of the metrics section.  The combined metric will update based on changes to available budget, metric targets and other simulations that occur during trade off analysis. 


Setting Metric Thresholds

Adjust the color ranges to specify the value scale (Green = good, Yellow Caution, Red = highly cautionary). 

  • For each Metric, indicate which values are good, cautionary, or highly cautionary
  • By default, these ranges are pre-determined by splitting the Metric into thirds
  • The first and last values are not editable and represent the minimum and maximum value the metric could reach
  • Metric thresholds can be updated to any color combination. Examples:
  • Green, Yellow, Red
  • Yellow, Yellow, Green
  • Red, Green, Red


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