Creating a Dashboard using multiple Portfolios

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Dashboards can be created from your Homepage

To start click on the Create Dashboard button

  • Users can create dashboards using any portfolios that they are an Owner or a Reviewer

  • All Dashboards require a name.  A description can be added but is not required

  • Once a Dashboard exists for a user, a Dashboard section is added to the Homepage and left navigation rail to access all Dashboards

Select Portfolios and Metrics 

From the Portfolios column select the Portfolio(s) that contain the metrics data you want to include in the Dashboard. 

NOTE: Metrics Data can include decision criteria with a quantitative scale or numeric data added as a custom field in the Alternatives screen. 

  • Search capabilities allow to search by metric names or by portfolio or both

  • The Dashboard is designed to be able to optimize across portfolios however, it can be used for a single portfolio to simply visualize results
  • Select the scenario to be used for each portfolio

  • Select the Calculation function to specify how to aggregate the data points (e.g Sum, Avg, Min, Max)

Once Metrics, Scenarios, and Metric Aggregation functions have been specified, select to “Save” the Dashboard

NOTE: For smaller portfolios, Dashboard generation may only take a few minute. For larger portfolio(s) sets, Dashboard generation could exceed 10 minutes. In which case, an email is sent to the Dashboard creator once it has been fully generated to inform them it can be viewed




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